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Avoid the Stress of Event Management

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It might come as a surprise to many people that event management is an incredibly stressful job. It’s been ranked as high as 5th by Career Cast[1]. That’s right behind being a soldier, a firefighter, a pilot and a police officer comes the indestructible event planner. This might come as a shock but it’s common knowledge that planning events could have a significant effect on stress levels particularly right before an event.

What makes event management so stressful?

It’s a combination of a number of things really, including long hours, constant travel and weekend work, coupled with a lot of pressure[2].  It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out or have been doing it for a decade, event planning is stuck in a vicious cycle that demands more time and energy than most people realise.

So how do you avoid getting stressed?

There are a number of tactics professionals can adopt in order to keep those stress levels down, so here we’re going to take a look at the top 5.

1.     Take regular breaks

This is super important. Going at it all the time will leave you burnt out and run down. Make sure you schedule enough time to recharge your batteries, get a decent amount of sleep and don't overwork. It let's fresh ideas come to the table and renewed enthusiasm.

2.     Create an action plan

Work out what it is you have to do. Plan out everything that needs to be done and put it into some semblance of order. Break the larger tasks down into smaller more manageable chunks and create a system to work through them.

3.     Don't multitask

Really, this is just a form of procrastination. It stops you focusing completely on the task at hand and spreads your resources too thin. Working on one task at a time is a more methodical approach that will essentially get things done quicker.

4.     Have a backup plan

It's important to accept that not everything is going to go the way it was supposed to, so it's vital that you have a backup plan. Try and foresee all possible outcomes, the worst case scenarios and plan ahead. If you know you have a backup plan then you'll be more confident in the ability for everything to run smoothly and you'll be able to relax.

5.     Use technology

Make the most of technology. It's there for a reason and it's designed to make your life easier. There are a number of apps that can help with note taking and putting together handy to-do lists. We've even created our own handy app for making your life easier.

By adhering to our 5 commandments you'll be able to limit the stress event planning can have in your life. It also goes a long way to guaranteeing the success of event, ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves.

Of course, the best way to manage your events stresses would be to trust in an events management team like all of us at Right Events.

Contact the experts in events management, venue sourcing, production and delegate management we are your perfect event partner. Call us on +44 (0) 333 577 1131.



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