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Events industry is gathering pace

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It’s fair to say the events industry suffered hugely during the economic downturn of 2008. With marketing, communication and event budgets severely cut, the industry struggled for a number of years whilst businesses balanced the books and got back on their feet.

In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of events as confidence returns and organisations ear-mark a healthier marketing and events budget. Many are finding the events arena has changed since they last dripped their toes in the water. With the raise of all things digital and social media, it is now rare to plan an event without some sort of online campaign. Even internal events are jumping on the trend.

The value of marketing

Planning your event marketing strategy is now as important as delivering the event program itself. Building up the interest from initial announcement through to registration, welcome packs, the event day(s) and post-event follow-up is crucial for your event to succeed. With so much competition around, your event needs to stand out from the rest. Successfully marketing your event to the right audience with the correct language, key messages and incentives to get them to ‘buy-in’ to your event takes careful planning and an expert eye.

At Right Events we manage the online and marketing strategy for your event. We can work with your existing customer database, assist in putting together a target list of attendees, build you a dedicated and bespoke event website, manage the online registrations for your event, as well as the email marketing campaign and social media activity. By collecting data online, this also gives you the opportunity to remarket, or continue communication with your delegates after the event.

Still the best way to get in front of your staff and clients

Whilst we hope we’ve made a great case for online communication above, nothing beats face to face contact, and that’s where events come in. Relationships of any sort, personal or business, should not be solely managed online, via email or even over the phone. Events provide a rare opportunity to get in front of your audience, whether that’s staff or clients.

With busier than ever schedules and a constant stream of information via smart phones, it can be difficult to grab the attention of your audience. Hosting a well structured and content smart event, specifically tailored to your target audience allows your business, brand or product the attention is deserves.

Regular employee focused events will keep staff motivated, up-to-date with company activity and on track to deliver the best performance and ROIs possible. Client focused events help increase brand loyalty, remind customers of your services or latest product and are a great way to network and generate new business streams. This concept works two ways; not only are you engaging with your core client base, but by holding an event you are, in turn, offering attendees the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded businesses.

Communication and networking opportunities

Face to face networking opportunities are usually snapped up. In a fast-paced work environment, the chance to meet and talk face to face to peers and colleagues can be limited. Your event can provide that chance. LinkedIn connections and intro emails become real-life conversations and introductions. Business can not only be discussed but also closed between delegates at your event. If you set your stall out and get the right content and attendees together at your events, your business could reap the rewards, not only first hand but by establishing your event as a place for others to meet and do business.

Additional revenue streams from sponsored events

Sponsored events are now more common than ever. Whilst corporate sponsorship has been around for decades, the digital revolution has meant a bigger arena and more competition for brands to battle it out to get noticed. Events provide a stage for brands to reach their target audience and in return they are willing to pay good money for the privilege. As the organisation hosting the event, this can mean an additional revenue stream.

Having big name or well respected brands associated with your event can add extra clout and credibility to your event, thus boosting ticket sales and sign-ups. Approaching and selecting carefully considered sponsors with your event program and delegate list can entice them into offering a lucrative amount to sponsor your event. If you need help sourcing or approaching suitable sponsors for your next event or would like to know more about the benefits of sponsored events, please contact the team at Right Events who will be happy to help you with your next event.

Rewards through incentives

Incentive events allow you to offer rewards to your most loyal customers or successful employees, and they are growing in popularity. Incentive events work particularly well for sales teams. Incentivising them to hit targets with the promise of an overseas trip or an overnight stay in a fancy hotel or a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant are all examples. If it’s a team incentive, it might be that their next team away day is in a foreign city or a particularly exciting venue. Think of Sir Alan Sugar’s rewards to the winning the team at the end of each episode of The Apprentice.

Incentive events don’t just work in the corporate environment for employees. Membership packages for example, often include the chance to attend exclusive events. Shareholders or those on a mailing list might be offered the chance to get tickets to the AGM or a launch event, exhibition or the like before the general public or at a discounted rate.

Team building events

In the same sphere as incentive events, team building events are becoming more and more prevalent. Just as client based events suffered during the recession, internal team and employee events all but stopped! Employers are now seeing the benefits that carefully planned staff events can offer. We have discussed the benefits in depth before and can be read here. By including team building activity in employees training programs morale, self-esteem, leadership and communication skills can be increased, to name but a few. By investing in your staff, bottom line figures and ROIs can be improved.

At Right Events, we have been delivering events before, during and after the recession. We have seen the industry reposition itself and its offerings as the going got tough as well as openly welcoming the use and benefits of social media in its marketing activity. We feel we have our fingers on the pulse as we follow and adopt new trends and technologies into the events industry. If you want to partner with an events management company like this, please speak to us about your next event. We are much more than venue finders and catering suppliers; we can manage the whole life-cycle of your next event from inception through to post-event feedback and follow-up. Please speak to us today on +44 (0) 333 577 1131.

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