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Managing large events: Entice delegates with a complete program

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Ensure you have as near a complete program as possible to entice delegates to the event.

Letting your audience know exactly what they can expect from your event is key to delegate sign-up.

Unless you’re Michael or Emily Eavis and organising Glastonbury don’t be ambiguous. Don’t make people wait or work to figure out the benefits of attending your event; tell them.

Get your event program planning right and get those big name speakers booked early or the leaders in your industry exhibiting or presenting at your event. You need to give people good reason to part with their money, and give up their time to come to your event. People like to get value for money and if it’s a corporate event, line-managers will want to know the benefits of sending their staff to your seminar, exhibition or trade show.

We work with our clients to work out an itinerary that works for their specific event. Who is speaking, when they're speaking and why? What's the content and what's the purpose? We work out who needs to speak, present or demonstrate and when. And where. There's a lot to figure out and lot of information to get across to your audience to ensure they know your event is for them. Let the experts at Right Events help entice your delegates with the right event program planning.

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