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Managing large events: Identify your target audience

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It's important to identify your target audience and issue pre registration emails and calls to action.

Is there a guest list for the event, is it by invitation only or do you need to sell tickets? Either way, you need to establish your audience quickly. Tailored invitations and calls-to-action mean you can get your event, and the all-important delegates, signed up and excited for your event.

Sending teaser emails, asking them to show their interest by registering for your event are all ways to do this. Data capture is essential for further online communication. Building up a database to market this and future events to is crucial. You can then drip-feed information about your events; the latest big-name speaker or exhibitor to come onboard, the deadline for ticket sales or nominations if it’s an award ceremony.

Engaging with your audience early and regular communication with clear calls-to-action in the run up to your event will boost interest, sign-up and sales, as well as the customer experience.

At Right Events, our event management service includes online and digital marketing of the event. We can create a bespoke event website, manage all communication with your tagret audience and/or database and manage the conversation before, during and after your event. Call in our expert help for your next event.

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